Friday, 8 March 2013

The little things

I was handed a pause button yesterday..... I was in the midst of rushing around trying to get 'things' done at the same time as thinking about the ,seemingly, hundreds of other things I still needed to do, and I was rushing outside with goat milking bowl and bottles, when a spray of dust came up from the driveway and a scream, the settling dust revealed a very upset 5 year old holding a bleeding knee.
I caught myself thinking ,oh great something else to deal with, and then saw the look on his face .... of distraught, and sorrow..... and I stopped and put down my stuff.
I went to go to him, when his sister rushed over, to see what happened and to check that he was alright... and to rush inside to get the all important bandaid, which , as it usually does, made things a whole lot better.

And then telling the big story of the bike accident to Papa that evening when he got home from work..... that's important too.

It was a big event for our 5 year old, and I remember that bike falls often are.

I hope my photo's I got of this will serve as a reminder to me ,of just how big the little things are.

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  1. Hi there,
    Your blog and photos are super cool! You are so clever! Hey can you please flick me an email - as I want to email you back!
    Thanks heaps - hope you are all well.

    Take care Angx