Monday, 11 March 2013


Sunday..... big day in this house, the day of a much anticipated (by the older two kids) Nelson Weetbix Tryathlon.
A five o clock start !!! In the dark, which all the kids were excited about.

There was so many people there, thousands infact, and it took us a while to figure out exactly where to go for check in and where to put the bikes etc.... But 30 mins later we were all sorted... and then we organised our rather anxious, excited and nervous kids.....

Then we treked down to the water's edge to wait for the start..
There were over 1700 children in this event, and everything ran like clockwork, it was very impressive.

Kurt was away first , then soon after was Becca.
I ran around like a mad thing trying to catch photo's of them both at stages through the race, but it all happened so quickly. I managed to get the beginning part , but failed to catch either of them running or finishing.. oh well.

They both did really well and really really enjoyed it.... it is all we have heard about since!!!

The nervous before shots.....

Down by the start line...



Nearly time

First Kurt's age group was called

Kurt's group. He is 2nd from right ( I think)

Running from the beach to the bike

Totally focused

And he's off

Nerves nerves nerves

More nerves

2nd from left, just about to start swimming again (bit of a rest)

She was first out of the water for her little group. She's very proud of this !!

Focused too


and off she goes

At the finish line

Sponsors breakfast for everyone

...and the happy finishers....

Training for next year

Big day for everyone

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