Wednesday, 3 October 2012

New spring goats

A few evenings ago we decided to bring our goats up from the back paddock to the paddock by the house.

Who needs pants anyway !!

They were certainly pretty big and by our ,very, rough calculations not far from kidding.

And over the last 4-5 days all three of them have given birth to beautiful babies.

Starlight was first she had two girls , however ,unfortunately ,one was born dead.
The other is healthly, extremely lively and the spitting image of her mother.

Cinnamon was next, this was her first kids and she had a boy and a girl. Becca and her cousin discovered the new additions only moments after they were born, much to their excitement...

Very very cute

Last was Trina, this time we were close by when she started her labour... Becca and Kurt were there to watch the first one being born (while i was rushing inside to get the little ones to come and watch) then we all watched and waited while she delivered the next one......

Waiting... so patiently

It was so beautiful to be able to see this miracle of birth and to be able to watch with the children and soak up their amazement, and their awe.

Just after the birth.

Such a lovely mum

Then to our suprise, while we were looking the other way, Becca yelled out 'there's another one' and sure enough there was a third !!!! Wow

two boys and one girl

Much learning ,experiencing and excitement of a different kind at our place today.

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  1. we realy realy wanted to be with you for this moment!! congratulation Starlight, Trina ad Cinnamon!