Monday, 1 October 2012

The mail today

Great excitement for the boys ..... the mailman drove up the drive to give hand deliver the mail today , which means that he has a parcel ,that doesn't fit into the mailbox....

Anton was handed the parcel and I wish I had my camera on me to capture the look on his face, it was addressed to him  !!!!!.... It was a parcel he had been waiting for from his Grandad, but the fact that was expected did nothing to lessen the elation ,for him, at all....

Inside he raced and him and Kurt (it was for Kurt too, belated birthday presents) tore into the packaging and the underlying wrapping, and were more than delighted with the contents.....

Quitely contemplating the contents

Ken onlookers (yes half dressed)

Books on dinosaurs (always always always a winner with Anton) and construction vehicles (also very popular)...

There was a fair bit of dinosaur studying done this morning

Very very keen on the construction vehicle pictures

along with a plastic helicopter thingy.... which was so loved by Anton, and after being reminded (more than once) not to aim it at his sisters (or the dog) he and Kurt found many creative ways to use it and it was the source  of much ,nonstop, amusement for Anton (and Kurt) most of the day.

Kurt found an encyclopaedia (much studied this morning) a vehicles book (taken to bed tonight to study) and a paperplanes book (what him and Anton busied themselves with today when they weren't with the helicopter thingy)

Very very focused on soaking up his new books

Thank you Grandad !!!! We had two very excited and very busy boys here today .

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