Friday, 5 October 2012

Creations in the kitchen

Decided today we were going to have a go at making body lotion, something I've been telling the kids we will do 'one day', but ,to date, haven't quite got round to it.
We collected the necessary ingrediants weeks ago, so today we went forth to use them.

I had my trusty helpers all geared up and ready to go, so in our morning sun filled kitchen we created.....

 We used a recipe out of one of my favourite books 'Rhythm of the family' by Amanda Soule. I don't know too much about her but she has some fantastic books with some great ideas, and we have used this particular book quite a lot.

We used beeswax from our local honey shop and coconut oil , and olive oil, as well as rosemary from our garden and some lavender oil...

the kids loved taking turns with the beater..

...and mixing in the lavender oil...

and pouring it into the container (most of it even made it in)

Turns out it wasn't too difficult to make, quite messy and a bit of a mission to clean up ,but great fun.  We over did the lavender oil (unintentionally) so it's quite quite lavendery, but everyone seems to like it that way.

We eneded up getting quite a lot of lotion out of it, which was cool.
We put some into baby food jars (those things are so handy for so many things!!) to give away as gifts.
And Becca designed a label for a jar to give to her Omi that afternoon.

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  1. Yay! I make everything these days nikki, even deodorant and toothpaste!