Tuesday, 30 October 2012

In our kitchen this afternoon

In our kitchen this afternoon , I undertook some baking projects... it's been a while and we had some tins that needed filling and some friends with new babies , and a dinner invitation to bake dessert for..... and as usual, at the sound of the mixer starting up... at least one child is compelled to check it out and stick around to see what bowls need licking... and more often than not , it is my helper Arwen who is ever present..... today being no exception...... so in our sundrenched kitchen space 'we' (me and my little 'helper') created.... and then she rejoiced in the rather generous left overs in the bowl......

With some dance celebrations (maybe that was the sugar kicking in)

complete with some pretty tricky dance moves.... (yes definately the sugar influence I believe)

and a lot of running, ohhh don't you just love sugar !!!!

We were also visited by Anton, who took time out from his playing to inspect and decide if the 'lickings' on offer were worth sticking around for.... this time it seems they were not.
Please note his attire of choice these days....... this 5 year old of ours is obsessed with the character Darth Vader from the Star Wars trilogy that he and his older siblings were treated too a few weeks ago.
He 'discusses' the ins and outs of how the death star works and why the spaceships fly and just who exactly Jabba the hut C3PO and R2D2 are!!! (Very heavy stufff !!!) And ,as I said, he is OBSESSED with Darth Vader and spends most of his days walking around with this long piece of material draped around his shoulders just as 'Darth Vader' wears his cape, and yes complete with the sound effects and there have been many many items trialed as suitable 'light savers' ..... this afternoon it was this eggplant I had on the bench.... (yes an eggplant... is nothing sacred from the dark side I say ?????)
Needless to say the eggplant was brought back to the good side and did infact make it into the vegetarian lasanga it was intended for.

I'm not sure she was too impressed with have an eggplant 'aimed' at her.

Oh yes... what fun in our kitchen this afternoon.

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