Monday, 29 October 2012

Sunday morning craft

Becca was up very early on Sunday morning (a little too early for my liking) and she proceeded through to the dining room, armed with many many items from our art cupboard.
She was soon joined by her brothers and an artful morning commenced....
The table was covered with paints and glue, crayons and hundreds of small tidbits that were busily being stuck to paper cardboard and pretty much anything else they could find to stick things too.
All three were happily busy for a good portion of the morning, stopping only because I insisted some food be consumed to sustain the productivity.....

Creating and admiring nailpolish that was newly applyed last night at a friends house and much much loved

A Becca original sculpture (from pipecleaners) 'Mama and Papa hugging'

... and Arwen, well she too was busy...... business of a different kind, business of a two year old kind..... she has befriended a stool and her and this stool are VERY busy every day...... a whole new world has opened to her now she has discovered a stool that is small enough for her to carry around, no cupboard , kitchen or bathroom bench nor older sister's bedside table is now safe !!  there are a lot of adventures to be had with this young lady and her stool....

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