Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The best spring fair......ever

We had just the best day on Sunday, at the Motueka Rudolf Steiner School Spring fair. This is the school that Kurt and Rebecca went to when we were living in Tasman. It's such a very special school and we miss it, a lot !!. We are lucky ,though, that we still live close enough to come across for special days such as this one. It's such a fun filled magical day, always. It was such a credit to everyone involved that it was equally as amazing this year, because the weather put up quite some challenges, it was very very very wet the day before and that morning, but dispite the sodden muddy ground and persistent cloud and drizzle, the morning was still filled with magic, and then in the afternoon.... yes that elusive sun did make an extremely welcome apperance, and the atmosphere was so special, and we had such an amazing time listening to fantastic music, catching up with friends, and just soaking it all up.

That night our kids said to us "this was the best day ever".... that's pretty cool

These are some of the things that made up our kids memorable day ......

The fairy Queen was much loved by our little ones.

Oh Becca , did rather like the fairy queen

Arwen ,too, was mesmerised by this beautiful fairy queen, who lived in a room oh so adoringly pink!!

Fairy dust from the fairy Queen.

The star shop, oh how the girls LOVED the Star shop

He was so determined to conquer this game, and conquer he did!!!

And now we have another 'horse lover' in our family.

And I spent a very long time trying to decide which one of the many many gorgeous characters the 'midnight elves' lovingly create, to purchase for our much loved collection at home.

Seriously good times, delicious ice cream, and great music.

This is our little ones dancing, they so loved the music !!

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  1. it waslovely to see you, and we would love to come and visit sometime in the summer months...?