Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sweet Spring evenings

Turn to the sun
and the shadows
will fall behind you.
                                                                                                                                               -Ancient Maori Proverb

This is an ancient Maori Proverb, and I love it. 

It was something that came to mind yesterday when I was with the kids down by the river, enjoying a truly blissful spring evening.... ahhhhh I am so loving the spring, bring it on I say, I am so ready for summer !!!.

I was watched the kids running, and playing and totally making the most of a moment ,and I marveled in how they do this so so very well.

As the sun set I tried to catch some of this great 'moment' with my camera.....

Ahhhh sweet freedom

Treasures found in the grasses

Not sure what the joke was, but it was pretty funny

I suggested being butterfly's, they wanted to be planes

Happiness abounds

Being a butterfly

Butterfly no.2

Nature is just the best catalyst for wonder and curiosity isn't it!!

Meanwhile the boys had more serious business to attend to.... there were sticks and water to attend to ....

Looking back at these snapshots in time, I am reminded of how amazing our world and it's effect on us is, and  it is totally worth the effort to get out in it.
As I am writing this Rob and Kurt are driving down to the high country down Tekapo for a 3-4 day hunting trip, it's a massive drive, but the country down there is something special, totally worth it !!

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