Thursday, 12 July 2012

falcons and cousins

Our little ones were up early this morning and waved goodbye to their Papa, while it was still dark outside as he left for the airport and off to Wellington for a couple of days.

Later in the morning, we went to the local library where they had the local Falcon heritage trust come to give a talk to children about what they are doing to help save the endangered New Zealand falcons. They really are the most amazing birds and fasinating to learn about and just magnificent to look at.
We were lucky enough to get some one on one time with one of the birds and his trainer, which was simply fascinating, how lucky we are to have such a stunning bird live in our country. I have such an admiration for both the birds and the people who give their time to help these amazing creatures.
It's something I feel strongly about giving my time towards as well, helping in anyway that I can

 Then this afternoon we had a really really fun time with extended family who came to our house for a visit, some to stay for the night and the others just for the afternoon. But ,as usual, what fun was had with all the 9 cousins together....

The boys spent a glorious hour or two devising all manor of methods to skid down our dirt piles..... much fun to be had in an oversize pile of dirt....

..and the girls spent the afternoon organising ,planning and cheographing a song/dance/fashion for our entertainment......

 and with courtseys to finish !!

Tired, hungry and happy children were fed, cleansed,and read to ,then one by one eyes closed in the warmth and safety of their four little beds.

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