Thursday, 12 July 2012


Our kids are having a bit of trouble living harmonously at the moment, which is a challenge, and I find myself worrying about the apparant lack of compassion within them.....
But today I was reminded of three incidents this week which brought a smile to my face and reassured me that compassion was alive and well inside them somewhere

While in the kitchen making dinner the other day, Kurt came in for a bit of a chat 'Mama' he said ' You know how my violin teacher pays for people to come around and help him do the house work and his garden' (Kurt's violin teacher is an absolutely fantastic elderly man with an insatiable passion for violin) 'yes' I said... 'well' he said 'we could do that work for him, and he wouldn't have to pay us' .
How cool is that thought !!!!!

It's lovely sitting in the late afternoon sun, watching and listening to him working his way through a particularly difficult piece...

I was in the supermarket with the two little ones a couple of days ago, and I asked Anton to find me the cheapest butter, and get me two blocks. He run off and returned with the most enormous smile on his face... 'I asked an old lady if she could help me find which was the cheapest butter, I already knew which was the cheapest ,but she looked sad and I thought I would ask for her help so I could talk to her and make friends, it's nice to make friends with people who are sad isn't it Mama'.
How cute is that !!!!
Our cake loving wee man has a whole heap of compassion tucked away in that physical five year old body.

And Rebecca ,well our full of heart (and often full of fire too) wee lady, called Rob and I into her room last night and said 'I just want to tell you both that I love you very much ,you are very special to me and I have made some presents for you' and we were given to wrap parcels which contained to beautifully, lovingly made clay bowls that she had spent the best part of the day before making.
Enough to bring a tear to a Mama's eye that's for sure...

For Papa...

and for Mama..

and our Arwen... well she's all there with her heart too... and displays it in just the right kind of two year old way.

So there's compassion in there alright, but sometimes I just need to remember moments like these in the hard times...


  1. Hi there, my name is Maike and I recently found your blog and really like it.
    Coincidentally, I am trying to track down a house near Rarangi that used to be an old High School building at St Mary's Catholic Church.
    I am a Blenheim freelance journalist (also a full time mum) and recently wrote a story about another church building that was renovated into a home: |
    and subsequently was contacted by a nun, Sister Elizabeth Mary, asking if I could do a story about the high school building. She gave me the address, I won't put that on this public forum. Are you in that house?
    I know it is very forward to contact you this way but when I saw the photos of the inside of the house with the high windows and raw wooden walls I thought maybe I had found the house!
    My contact details are:
    577 9837

  2. Love this post, Niki. Such beautiful kiddos (even when times are hard going.. and I totally feel ya on that one! My boys bicker all the live long day at the moment. sigh...)

    1. Yeah, it's definately hard work with the 24/7 bickering , they've got to grow out of this , surely ????????
      How's your new camera going , I was so excited for you when I read your blog about your good luck. I didn't know your Dad was into photography , what does he photograph ?

  3. I just found your replies! It doesn't tell me when you reply, which is a bit silly! have just found out how to get them emailled to me.

    He takes photos of the kids and scenery etc - just the usual stuff. He upgraded his camera to a 60d, like yours, pretty fancy! He keeps telling me about all the extras I need now though, fancy lenses and UV filters and whatnot. what sort of lens do you use?
    I'm loving my camera, but have a lot of learning to do. wish you lived a bit closer, could come get some hints and tips!