Friday, 13 July 2012

Time with the cousins

The kids were loving having there cousins to visit and totally made the most of the morning they had with them before they departed back to Christchurch.

They spent quite some time 'rehearsing' a play they had organised together.
 Evidence of where our two boys interests lie at the moment with their fascination about castles and knight, the story was about a knight who slayed the dragon, in fact two dragons, complete with maidens in distress.

Then some outside time was advised (by myself) and off down the back to see the goats we went... always great fun, but oh so much more so with our cherished cousins....

the goats where suitably lavished with love and attention

Our buggy, still, has punctured tyres, so the two younger girls were transported in the wheelbarrow (not an uncommon occurrence here, much giggling from the girls...

We had the afternoon finding our own rhythm again, the boys busing themselves with complex construction games and Becca volunteering to do the dishes and clean the kitchen cupboards !!! (not a usual afternoon activity request by any stretch of the imagination, but she seemed to enjoy herself, everyone wins !!!)

and Arwen, well she got on with her business, very important two year old business

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