Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Today we started by making Rewena bread starter (takes three days to ferment apparently). Becca cut the potatoes and we boiled them to make the potato water, then mixed in a little sugar and flour and put it in the sun to start the fermentation process. We are reading Maori myths and legends at the moment, and we figured that a full blown hangi was a bit too adventurous at the moment considering what we have on at the moment, so Rewena it is !!

Kurt entertained the little ones, while Becca and I got the potatoes sorted.

He had them glued to the book, which was handy for us.

After a bit of school ,and a swimming lesson in town, we decided to head to the Rarangi beach/playground and bike track. A bit of a favourite haunt of ours at  the moment, especially since the new bike track has been put in. Beach, playground and bike track and some great pine trees to play in, all within a few metres !! It's Gold !!!

The girls found tiny tiny treasures

Nature truly does have the best treasures !!

A happy treasure hunter !!

Satisfied with their foraging ,a happy couple of girls return to the playground to share their 'wares'

At the playground a lot of fun was being had (as always)

As a reminder of how small our four children still are, there was a lot of 'Mama ,can you lift me up' and 'I can't reach'. So it was busy times, lifting, guiding and 'spotting' for falls.
Anton was such a gem, he had a go at helping everyone up and down off things, especially his good buddy Arwen

and even Becca (definitely a logistical challenge with the height difference between them)

And more big brothers helping little sister... (pleased I had the camera to remember this moment !!)

Many challenges were taken on, and some conquered.

This is Anton after he conquered his most challenging obstacle.

He's secretely quite proud !! Really !!

Then the sun disappeared behind the hills, so we hopped in the car a stoped at another favourite beach/ long grass spot for another 5 minutes of sun before it dissapeared behind the next lot of hills for the day.

A bit of 'fluffy tickling' , always funny !

Fence climbing (another big attraction, for some reason)

and a handshake lesson for Anton from our good friend who soon returns to France.

The sun dissapeared and the temperature plummeted (something to do with more snow in Christchurch)

Home to huddle around the heaters, while our eldest had one of his endearing moments, and read to everyone several stories...

  definitely moments to cherish.


  1. I'm finding your blog very inspiring - I'm really going to try and get my kids outside more. Hard to do cause I'm definitely not an outdoorsy person myself!
    Also, holy Becca is so tall and thin! Those legs! What a stunner : )

    1. Outside is definately a good place to be.. although I will admit, I've been less enthusiatic about the cold winter days since we've moved south.
      And Becca, yes she's truly a lucky girl. She doesn't know it yet though. Obviously her stature has come from the other side of the family, those Boon genes don't lend themselves to contributing to tall and thin statured people (at least the genes I got didn't anyway !!!)