Wednesday, 13 June 2012


A trip to the aquarium, to show our french friends a little about New Zealand sea life.
We love having an excuse to go to this place.
We were lucky enough to have the place to ourselves ,one of the perks of homeschooling is definately visiting places like this in school hours when they are often quiet. So we had a guide all to ourselves.

And we got our timing just right so we got to watch him feed some of the fish and reptiles.

First the Tuatara, which he got out for us to feel.

 Thats Arwen in the background, looking bewildered. She was petrified of this poor little nonmoving tuatara, she wouldn't take her eyes off it until it was back in it's enclosure and was gripping on to our friends trouser leg !!

Their skin is actually soft (to me it always looks like it would be hard and prikley.

Next one of Anton's favourite animals, the turtle. Whose name,incidently, is Gary , after he was named they discovered he was a female, but it was too late the name had stuck.

He stood watching these cool animals for quite a while.

A quick look at the spotties while they were being fed.

Then onto the open tank we're our guide was a mine of information on Kina (we watched one turn it's self over) and crabs and sea slugs (outstanding predator defenses !!)

So much to see in one small space.

Then a bit of video watching, learning about the ocean depths

Then Anton learnt, much to his delight,that the stingray had woken from his sleep and was cruizing around the tank,so this is where he stayed for the rest of our visit. 'playing' with the stingray.

Arwen discovered the rabbits (or Lapin as she has been taught to say in french !!)......

Then lunch by the sea in our (very) cool but beautifully clear Marlborough weather.

With compulsory seagulls, of course !!!!

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