Sunday, 10 June 2012

The weekend

A quieter weekend, much welcomed.
Rugby on Saturday morning, Kurt played, but not Anton this weekend. Missed Kurt's game, as I was at the local swimming pool investigating the opportunity of a job as a swim school instructor.
We met up at lunch time and went to the rugby park in Blenheim to watch our Friend play rugby for his last time in New Zealand. It was a beautiful afternoon, perfect for rugby watching!

Our little rugby enthusiast, mesmerised by the game.

for some the boundary rope was more fun than the game!
a lot more fun!

After the game we made the most of the sunny afternoon and took our time getting back to the car.....

Lots and lots and lots of running

and more running

....and seagull chasing...(compulsory rugby grounds activity)

I managed to get the two of them to stop for half a second, for a photo....

and then this .....

They are just the best of friends our two little ones.

So much love.

Next day was really quiet. Rob took the older two children up the Awatere valley for a reconassaince hunting trip. So it was me and the two little ones with our friend from France. A 3 1/2 hr sleep from Arwen meant a lot of time working on vegetable garden construction.
With Anton working on his own 'projects'.

with a bit of lid banging !!!

and lunch with our two little comedians entertaining us with their table antics

They are rabbits apparantly (in case you didn't guess !!)

That's peanut butter all over her face, this little girl is a real food lover, at the moment she's got a real thing for peanut butter, especially with cheese !!

Weekends are good !!


  1. HI Nikki! so lovely to see your beautiful kids again, and see what you're up to! Didn't feel right that you guys disappeared! And so jealous of the photographic skills! Lots o flove! How are you finding the christopherous curriculum?

    1. Didn't feel right to us that we disappeared from Nelson either !! Infact it still doesn't. We miss it over there. Christopherus curriculum seems like a great one..... however ,lately, it ,mostly, sits on the bookshelf looking impressive to those who come to visit.

  2. I especially love that last picture of Arwen, reminds me a little of my kids, or even me when I was that age - guess the button nose and blue eyes is a Boon thing, huh?

  3. Funny you should say that, I have a couple of photo's of Arwen when she was a bit younger, and her eyes very much look like yours. She's definately got the Boon shape and frown, and I remember your eyes being that same cool blue colour. I don't know why i'm so amazed at this though, I mean, we are all family, the likenesses must be there. It's cool to see it coming out in the next generation though. Go us !!