Friday, 8 June 2012

A late night

A bit of late (very late) night sewing last night.
I chose to stay up with my best friend as he worked into the wee hours at his computer.
While he worked ,with a dedication that I stopped to quietly admire all night,...I was sewing!!!

Sewing is something I confess to know little about, but it facsinates me, I love beautiful fabrics, and get especially excited about recycled fabrics. I love the ideas floating around the internet, but am just a little piece of seaweed dangling about in a big sea of possibilties as far as actually constructing is concerned, at least so far anyway.
But, I can do trousers, not flash  trousers, but sensible elastic topped, pocketless trousers.
So trousers I did.
First a pair for Anton.
I have learnt that once boys get to a certain age the chances of them being able to 'hand' trousers down ,to the next in line, is pretty impossible. I'm lucky if I get them to last through a winter before the knees and butts are worn through. But this works out great for Anton , who up until now has  known clothes to be his , only after they were Kurt's first. (and sometimes Becca's too).
And good for me too ,because I get to 'create' and work on a few sewing skills.
So from a pair of XXL cordorouy trousers from the Salvation army, I constructed these.

Here they are in action ...he was pretty happy with them too. (despite the face he insisted on pulling when I lifted my camera !!)

And for Becca.....
A little purple number, with stars from some of her favourite material. (they were fun to do)

And even though this has no relevance to this post at all........
Madame Arwen......

Just because she was pretty cute standing there in her dirty boots, food stained top and favourite fairy dress and 'princess' crown, waiting for her turn to be photographed like her big brother and sister.

Today was another good day !


  1. I thought you said your posts were boring? Pish posh, woman! I've loved reading through them all. It's so nice to have an insight into your daily life, and it must be said, you take the most fabulous photos!! (What sort of camera do you use? I'm hoping to upgrade soon..) I'm looking forward ro your next post already : )
    Oh, and the kids are too darn cute. Good genes, huh?

    1. Thanks for cool comment. I have to admit the whole blogging thing only came about because I was inspired by reading yours. It's pretty special to be able to have that insight into someone else's life, especially when it's someone you'd really like to catch up with on a regular basis, but struggle to do it because of the little things like time and energy (stuff that is thin on the ground with tiny people in your life !!)So thanks for your blogging efforts !!

    2. Oh yeah, the kids... yip they are cute... at least they look that way in some of the photo's anyway !!!