Saturday, 23 June 2012


We celebrated winter solstice last night and ,in our own way, tried to incorporate Matariki.

For Dinner we ate Maori 'Fried Bread' , which is a favourite of Rob's. And this time I think I got it right , or at least a lot closer to what it is supposed to be. It was approved by all , and with copious amounts of butter, treacle and golden syrup (oh what a calorific delight !!!) it was consumed with great vigour,leaving only a couple for that ,equally as indulgent, next day left over treat.
We ate on the floor and largely in the dark (to symolise and celebrate the longest night) with our fire and candles ,our symbols of light soon to come, giving us just enough light to eat with.

then we shared nighttime stories, including some really neat Maori legends about the Ruru.

Then a suprise, presents.....
I handed out four sets of pjama's that I had sewed over the last couple of days.

This is a pretty bad attempt at photgraphing them...

Anton's..... (the boys just got pjama trousers, I wouldn't have a clue how to sew tops !!!) but I was pretty stoked at making the pants and only having to unpick once (or was that twice)) anyway they were well received, especially when they discovered that the animal material I choose had deer in it. (pretty important when you have a father that hunts !!!)

Kurt's trouser's....

Arwen's 'nightie' (first time I'd made anything like this , was quite fun) and ...I made the tights too.
(appaantly the shades were compulsory for the photo !!)

The girl's were pretty pleased with their lot. Neither of them had ever owned winter 'nighties' before .

Madame  decided she was not going to bed with the others and while the TV was getting prepared for the nights rugby test match (it'sthe only time the TV is used and it is very old, so it need some preparing ) she decided a little late night reading was in order...

Too cute to interupt, so she was granted some time for 'reading' (yes the book was upside down).... and then a little candle gazing.......

.. before being tucked up safe in bed to fall asleep  listening to the cold winter wind blowing outside.

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