Saturday, 23 June 2012


I decided to get up early on Friday morning to sew presents for the children for our winter solstice celebrations the next day. Pjama's , four sets of them.
As usual my sewing project took longer than I estimated (I'm neither a follow the pattern sewer nor a competent sewer which usually ends up with a lot of unpicking and occassionally tears.)
 Anyway......... it took too long and all the kids were up and around long before I was half way through, Determined to get at least one finished I took the risk and continued, all was well in the next room, and then I heard
"Open door Becca" from a small wee girl, to which was replied "No it's too early to go outside".
"Open door Kurty" with reply "No it's too cold outside for little girls"
Then (in a slightly more aggressive tone)
"Open door Anton" the reply simply "No"
A little grizzling followed, then ...... a lot of crashing and banging noises, at this point I decided I'd better investigate and found.....

.....followed by.....

...followed by ....

One determined and indendent wee girl !!!
She tried the lock first and then the handle, and when that didn't work back to the handle (never mind how she was going to actually open the door with the stool  in the way) 

Needless to say she didn't get outside, but she did still smile about it anyway

Later that afternoon....... there was a project going on outside.... more banging and crashing and the sound of power tools that required some investigation...

This time it was the boys......

They had embarked on project 'rugby goal post' 

and it was all go...

 especially when the girls decided to get involved too...

All hands on deck....

into the late afternoon light they worked....

When complete, they had time for a couple of penalty kick attempts, before the winter light completely dissapeared (too late for photo's) and it was time to warm up inside.
Like most things with these guys ,however, it was the 'process' that held as much (and I would argue sometimes more) meaning for them ,as the result.


  1. woohoo for process! And problem solving.

  2. Otto is often found atop of a stool, opening the back door. Pretty clever trick! How old is wee Arwen now? Just over 2?