Monday, 28 May 2012

The last of the Autumn days

Making the most of what is left of Autumn, while the sun still has some heat in it, we went for a bike ride down to our local bit of coast line, where the locals have built a new BMX track, much to our children's delight.
Kurt had a glorious hour or so riding around and around (and around and around) the track, getting more and more confident and competent on each circuit. Becca too!

Anton and Arwen wandered of into the pine plantation behind the track and had a magical time discovering pinecones and tiny mushrooms.
And that late afternoon Autumnal sun was so warm and great for photo's, so a fun afternoon was had by all!

Anton found his own 'battle' tree, so he was happy in his imaginary world!
Arwen danced! 

We stopped on the way home to play in the coastal grass

Gotta love that Autumn light.

Happy siblings!

We live near a wild but scenic piece of coastline!

Those fluffies really tickle!
 Totally longing for the Autumn days to go on and on, but bracing myself, because That winter is well and truly on it's way down here in the south island.

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  1. Awesome photos Nik! Looks like the kids had a enjoyable day of adventure! :-)