Thursday, 31 May 2012

Anton's day

Today was a day of creation and firsts for our youngest little man. He asked me this morning if I can tech him how to do fingerknitting, something he's has asked a few times before, but because of many reasons I have yet to actually sit down with him to teach. Remembering all those times I've haven't quite got there, I said 'certainly' so we found a sunny spot on our lounge floor and we 'fingerknit' together, just me and him. And he really got it! and was so proud!and so was I.

That afternoon we had some homeschooling friends visit, and we had a glorious time moulding bread dough, making some amazing clay creations (and a huge mess!). Anton made a fantastic boat.

Then later, his very first ripper rugby practice! Very exciting. A bit unsure about what was going on, but enjoyed to run around the field with all the other children (many of whom also didnot know what they were doing)
It was a good day!

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