Thursday, 31 May 2012

Down at the beach tonight

A beautiful autumn/almost wintery late evening, cool and clear. We headed to the beach for a little bit of exploring collecting and a lot of fun.

Beautiful golden light everywhere as I watched the boys below with their driftwood boats.

Amazing how a simple piece of driftwood can give so much joy.

The girls went exploring together, and were very busy discovering all this beach had to offer in the way of 'treasures' and set about making various collections.

Anton enjoyed much stone and wood throwing, compulsory beach activities as far as he is concerned. Much discussion with his sister as to how exactly to best throw those stones !!

They were re-energised by this great coastal spot, and in such a great way that I managed to get a  reasonable group photo with minimal moans and groans (very novel!!)

Even the two big ones were even reasonably obliging. I'm sure I will treasure this in a few years.

The sun dropped quickly, and cold, wet ,tired and hungry children were trundled back to car ,back to warm house, and a usual evening state of chaos ensued!

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