Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A long weekend

An eventful weekend for our family, and a lot of fun was had!

We had the pleasure of sharing our friday night dinner with a fantastic family.

Then saturday morning follows with rugby for the boys. Anton's FIRST ripper rugby game (which his mother failed to have her camera present for!!). He's still learning, but having stacks of fun in the process.

That afternoon, we had more visitors, a much anticipated visit from my sister, her husband and there fun packed two year old daughter.
So nice to see them and to be able to show them our house and property.
The sisterly catch up was cherised and the kids adored playing with their cousin. The two little girls had some adorable moments, a couple of which were captured on camera.

I'm not sure what was being discussed here, but it looked deep.

A tandem bike ride. (who said these things were designed for one?!)

The next morning, a birthday in the house! We LOVE birthdays, this time it was a friend of ours from France. So we got to sing Happy Birthday in english and french. Our French version did lack a certain oomph it has to be said. A traditionally large birthday breakfast was savoured (or devoured as was the case for our very hungary children), complete with cake and presents.

The birthday girl was sporting the traditional birthday crown, but our Arwen was determined to share that honour and produced her own .

We reluctantly said goodbye to our visiting family, and then made moves to create some sort of adventure for our birthday guest.
When we asked her what she would like to do for her birthday, she replied 'something kiwi'.
So something kiwi we went forth to try and create.
We packed lunch ,(and all the many many other things necessary for a day out with four children), and headed towards Picton. We found a short walk through the bush to an old Pa site, which was fun to explore.

And then we discovered the path down to the beach ,which was even more exciting. Lots of fun exploring, finding catseyes, starfish and many other treasures our magnificent coastline has to offer.

And some fantastic sealife roaming around the rockpools.

Back up to the car for lunch, then re-energised , we brought out the rugbyball and frisbie (classic New Zealand picnic tradition) we found a 'just-big-enough' patch of grass and the rest of the afternoon was well spent catching, chasing and  following lost rugby balls and plastic discs around.

And if you weren't quite up for the kicking, jumping and tackling required, then ....well...... a bit of flower collecting......

.....and when all the flowers ran out.....then a bit of hiding in the flaxes was called for.

     (unhappy about being found)

On the birthday girl's suggestion, it was into town for an ice cream (who are we to argue that kind of suggestion) and play in the park.

Then home for fish and chips on the floor. 

Complete with tomato sauce and chip sandwiches! And a 'buzz bar' for dessert. If that's not kiwi ,I don't know what is!!

Group candle blowing... then onto the next event....

Yes there was more....... We then headed down the back of our property where we had a pile of branches from our summer pruning and general clearing, all ready for burning. And burn we did! a bonfire to end the day!


 With every good bonfire comes compulsory marshmallow roasting ....


Just the best.

Wonderous stuff bonfires..

 A good day.

The next day, brought it's own excitement...

Discovering smouldering ashes from the bonfire last night, and knowing just what to do with them... wrapping potatoes, kumara, garlic and pumpkin in tinfoil and burying them for lunch...

Then sheep to gather ( our small herd of 10) for crutching and drenching....

 As usual, followed with much interest by the children.

 Kurt got to play a major part, having a go at catching the sheep...

and holding them for his Papa.

Our sheep herd was reduced by one (and our freezer filled!!)

Then down the back to check out lunch.

It was very very good!

Energised, we stayed to play a while in the wetlands we have down the back of our property.

Autumnal fallen willow leaf fights....

Some swinging and a lot of smiling..

Another good day!

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