Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Harvest !!!

It was a few days ago now, but the much awaited harvest day was on Wendesday.
The harevster arrived at lunch time and it was all on for the next 4 - 5 hours.... a big afternoon.

The sun shone (hot) and the kids loved every minute all the goings on... the harvester was the biggest attraction, but the tractor and gondola and the BIG truck too held a great deal of interest.. soo many big machines for all to watch in action.....the boys ,particularly, were in their element !!!!

They were lucky enough to all get a ride in the harvester!! and Rob and I a ride up on the back of it, which was really interesting, to watch the machine close up and to have a look around our property from up high....

There were certainly some tired children in our house that night.....

Checking the quality of the grapes

mesmorised by the machines

From the top of the harvester

snack break

grabbing a few grapes before they are all gone

Kurt with a huge grin on his face




cheering up a tired little girl

playing in the grapes and water left from washdown

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