Friday, 5 April 2013


Despite being marred by drizzly weather and sickness, easter was welcomed with the usual anticipation and excitement in this house.... excitement that is right up there with Christmas !!
Friday easter buns were fun... but Sunday's easter egg hunt and traditional eierpecken  (Austrian egg tapping ) competition is what it is most eagerly anticipated here!!

The egg hunt always takes place first thing Sunday morning (after the easter bunny comes), and the kids run around 'hunting' out the easter egg nests around the property that the easter bunny has left, and filling up their easter bags.
Then the bags are emptied and the eggs shared around , always a great negociation process that the kids pretty much sort out themselves.
And then that night was the just as exciting (sometimes more) eierpecken or egg tapping competiti,on... where coloured hard boiled eggs are tapped with other competitor's eggs until an uncracked victorous egg emerges....

This year it was Anton who earned the prestigious title of 'Egg king'

Even sick, managing to enjoy the magic of egg hunting

Easter bunny, definately proud of that!!!!!

Quite some time spend on bartering and admiring

The egg tree

and then that night.......

Hoping that his egg is the winner

Wishing the egg good luck

Let the competition begin.......

she closed her eyes on every impact her egg had, quite amusing

and the winner is

The crowned easter king

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