Monday, 8 April 2013

Back tracking

Just back tracking a little in our timeline..... a couple of weeks ago, Rob went away for 10 days to Australia, Indonesia and Singapore for a work trip... he had a busy but brilliant time experiencing a few different cultures.... he has been back for a couple of weeks now and things have carried on .... life as usual.... busy at work and busy at home, so much so that we still haven't been through his photo's with him!!!!
 It's ridiculous how 'busy' life gets that we don't see ourselves having time to reflect on amazing experiences... and the really silly thing is that most ,if not all, of the time we have a choice in how we spend this time of ours. Yes , that magical and sometimes elusive concept of  'balance' .....the eternal search continues around here....

Anyway this was the day he arrived home... and I am remembering how excited we all were waiting at the airport for him that Sunday afternoon, and how great it was to have him back in our home and how excited when the kids found out that not only did they have their Papa back but he brought presents too !!!!

Present time......

Australian fridge magnets

They all got gorgeous dresses and shirt's from Indonesia.....

Big thank yous

And a boomerang !!!!

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