Thursday, 28 February 2013


It's just too dry now, and we are running out of grass for our stock..... a couple of days ago we had to move our goats down to the back paddock, in hope that they will find some sustainable food down there.
Moving our goats isn't always an easy task. The kids are always keen to help and the older two are now better able to manage them, although the goats know it's the kids who are leading them and still like to try it on, big time!!!!
So it's always a bit of an adventure, especially when one of them decides not to play the game and runs off  down one of the vineyard rows!!!

They seem happy enough down the back, at least for the moment.

We love it down there , and that afternoon ,spent a few hours down there, exploring, playing and making new discoveries.
We have a small island in the middle of our small pond, and towards the end of summer the pond dries up, making the island reachable for all, so a lot of discoveries happen over there amongst the trees .....

Loving the joy that comes from the fun we have and the discoveries we make down in our wetlands, seeing the smiles when they swing and climb on the trees and the squeals of delight when they run through the flaxes and roll down the stop bank.......
Today I am very grateful for the land we are lucky enough to call our own, at least for now.


  1. at least for now? all your blog posts seem so idyllic nikki? hold on to your land! lots of love!

  2. You are truly lucky to live in such a beautiful place - is it a vineyard? It is so amazing for children to run wild and free in the outdoors discovering and exploring xx