Tuesday, 15 January 2013

She's 8 !!!

Wow, growing up so fast! She's 8!! already, how does that happen!!

Birthday breakfast was a fantastic feast of Cake unveiling, presents and overly sugary cereal (cocopops ,as requested by the birthday girl)......

100 Vanilla Kiphels !!!! from Omi, YUMMMM

Excitement with Birthday presents in the mail

An art set, something she loves

A musical card that kept her little sister amused for ages

More Presents

Everyone eagerly awaiting breakfast cereal


Breakfast with her new dressing gown, which she adores and wears every night despite the hot temperatures!!

Then it was finish packing the car and off to Quinney's bush for the night camping....

In the FRONT seat for the whole 2 hour trip !! Very happy about this

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  1. Happy birthday, little lady! Looks like she was sufficiently spolit, and had a lovely time.
    I'm struggling to believe Aesop will be 8 in March. 8 really is in that next age bracket - one step closer to the terrifying teens. Ha ha. But truly, so hard how quickly they grow!