Thursday, 6 December 2012

Moving goats

It's pretty dry here now, grass have turned that distinctive Marlborough brown, and food for the goats and sheep is scarce.
We have to move them down the back of the property so we can irrigate the front paddocks.
Moving them down the back is brilliant for them, we have a pond down there and lot of trees, so there is food and lots of shade, they love it.
For us it means  longer walks in the evenings to bring them up to front paddock and then again in the morning to take them back...
But when the  whole family comes some  evenings it's actually a whole heap of fun.

The boys close behind their Papa , who brought his gun down to see if he could get a rabbit, or two...

 This is 'Spot' (so named for the white spot on her tail) who loves to jump and climb, especially on people. She has great balance and can now balance on my shoulders in a an almost upright position!!

And then back up to the front paddocks with the mums

Anton doing a bit of weed chopping ...

Totally loving the extended daylight days and warm evenings where you loose all concept of time and stop worrying about how late it is for the children...... and so wander back into the house at 9 o'clock to have homemade icecream sitting on the kitchen floor in your pajama's !!
Ohhhh great summer days

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