Thursday, 13 December 2012


This is a photo I took two evenings ago. It was taken at our place about 10 minutes after the sun set, the light was still good and I happened to have my camera on me (as I do) when we were outside, doing final jobs for the day.
It was late, in fact very late, Rob was away hunting and I had got distracted inside with a project and the kids too, were busy. I suddenly realised when the light dimmed in my room that time had moved on, and yes it was 8.30pm. We hadn't had dinner , and none of the evening jobs had been started. The kids were very tired (and hungry) but Kurt still found it in himself to help out and ,infact, when I took this photo had just come back form bring the goats up to the house paddock for milking in the morning... very cool 9 year old.
I downloaded the photo yesterday and gave it the monotone treatment that I love, and I realised that I don't get so many photo's of this serious young man so much anymore and just how fast he is growing up and I am so grateful that I can capture moments in time like this.

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