Tuesday, 20 November 2012


A couple of days ago I am in the kitchen cleaning up and Kurt comes in with a book, saying he's seen something really cool and he'd like to make it for dinner.
Sounds like a good idea, I say. What is it?
"Chickpea curry"
I paused.
I have tried to get Kurt to be interested in making dinner many a time, but with no success... so I was already suprised with the initial suggestion of making dinner, but then when he said that it was 'chickpea curry' that inspired him......
Well I found that most intriguing... it would not have been my first guess at what his first line of food would be....

"Sure" I said "sounds great"

and so he went ahead and made the entire meal, from scratch, all by himself....
and enjoyed it too.
He didn't manage to convince his siblings of how great it was, but they all tried it, and Anton in particular really wanted to like it.

I thought it was an awesome effort and I reckon it tasted fantastic..

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  1. Seriously a boy of many talents, huh? You're growing a great man/husband there, cuz! Such great skills.