Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Toast and jam in bed

A couple of days ago I woke early, ready to start the day. And as i rose I realised that I was the only one up !! It was silence, beautiful silence.
What to do with it??
I was realistic enough to appreciate that this may well only last a brief time and decided to do a bit of photo editing on the computer.....
Yes two minutes of blissful self time on the computer able to concentrate fully on what I was doing.... two minutes, but a glorious two minutes it was... then along came that familar sound of pitter patter down the hallway......Hmmmmmmm, it was the small variety of pitter patter so I was hopeful I could find a suitable distraction for her that would allow me to grab a couple more minutes on the computer. I decided to try distraction in the form of jam and toast (food is ALWAYS enjoyed by our wee Arwen).... and it proved ,indeed, a suitable distraction as she was happy (and still) for several minutes.
Problem was she looked so damm cute up there on the spare bed happily spreading jam all over her fingers , mouth and the bed, that I too got distracted and couldn't help getting out my camera to catch some of the action......

1 comment:

  1. I love that your kids remain natural in front of the camera - I find it is getting harder and harder to get photos of Aesop and Otto now. As soon as they know I'm there they start hamming it up.
    Loving my new zoom-y lens for that though,I feel like a bit of a snoop, but at least they aren't pulling ridiculous faces at me!