Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Grinch who found christmas

This is what we have been very very busy with over the last two weeks. Two amazing Mums from the homeschooling community produced and directed an adapted version of the 'Grinch who stole Christmas'. All the kids have been practicing acting parts solo instrumentals and choir singing for three months now.
But over the last two weeks the practicing really stepped up with everyday practices and often ALL day.

Rebecca ,Kurt and Anton were involved and most of our last two weeks has been spent at the Nativity Church in town, with Dress rehersals.

All the kids showed such dedication and patience through all the many many rehersals .... because there was a lot of dressing up over and over and a lot of waiting and waiting....

And then there were the many cast photo's to pose for...

Anton and Arwen were amazing, they sat through rehersal after rehersal and hardly ever grumbled and they enjoyed watching it ,everytime (it's certainly a credit to the quality of the performance that it can continue to captivate a two and five year old for that many times !!)

Then....Thursday and Friday they got to actually perform infront of a full house audience.
The kids were so excited and they really gave it everything on the night(s).
They were absolutely brilliant and the crowd certainly agreed.

and then on the night, all that practice paid of.
Infact on the very last night, the sound system broke and they had no music to accompany them through the final three songs, but a couple of older kids just led the way and all the others followed and they sang all the songs beautifully in tune and in time despite no music and we (the audience) were treated to some amazing singing from some truly amazing kids.

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