Friday, 7 September 2012

Swimming with Papa

Rob has the week off, much to the kids excitement, the idea was to get some landscaping done around our house, but he has been able to join in a few of the things we do during the week. One of those 'things' being swimming lessons for Anton and Arwen.

It was so cool seeing the look of absolute delight on Arwen's face when she realised it was Papa joing her for her lesson instead of Mama !!!

It was just joy watching her do all the activities of her lesson so proudly knowing her Papa was watching..

and jumping off the mat (she's only done this once before, and not with so much enthusiasm as today)..

and even a swim in the big pool with Papa, no siblings , just her and Papa !!!...

and a shower ,so proudly, just her and  her Papa ....

then telling her sister, oh so very very seriously, all about it in the hall way out to the car......

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