Monday, 24 September 2012

Our Sunday at home

Home all day today I decided , and it was great just chilling out mostly outside enjoying the spring sunshine, ahhhhhhhh it is so so soulfilling......

It's amazing how the even the presence of the sun can influence a state of being, but when that sun also has a hint of heat well... that is pretty energy giving .

Ohhhh and I love how that hint of heat eludes to what is yet to come...... summer is out there and ,hopefully, on it's way...... (just thought I would share my excitement, I realise it's still a bit early for summer thoughts ,at least it is down here)

Some spring sun was enjoyed by these guys too......

First inside.......
(they were helping me practice with a reflector , clearly I need more practice...)

That's fabric pen on her neck, left over from making her gift.

Totally totally off having his photo taken at the moment

Arwen prefered to hug the reflector!!

and examine it......Not so effective really , my very very short practice ended about then...

and then much much playing outside.......

He was here for almost an hour playing with the stones

Counting our new plants

Out at sea in their boat

Apparantly it had a bit of motor trouble, fortunately they had a mechanic onboard

A bit of barefeet outside !!!! (for a little while)

Much much laughter

"These are my 'pip's Mama"

"Where are you Mama?"  Apparantly this was quite a funny game it went on for a while

Hanging out with the dog.

A lot of Arwen photo's I admit, but she's my constant companion at the moment, and consequently the easiest to find to take photo's of..

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