Monday, 24 September 2012


Rebecca did the coolest thing yesterday...... we were driving home from town and the kids spotted balloons (I swear kids have an inbuilt radar for balloons,  I didn't see the balloons for ages after they did !) outside someones gate. We know that a little girl lives there because we have returned their dog to them many a time.
Anyway ,many many things excite Becca, but birthdays would be in list of things that absolutely sent her through the roof of excitedness (is that even a word).

"I'm going to make her a present Mama, do you think that's alright?"
"I'm sure she'd love it" I said, and didn't think anything more of it, as many many ideas are presented to me in this house but only a percentage of them actually happen (often many many more ideas come in to replace the first before or while they are being worked on)

After being outside for a bit, I went to check on them inside, and there was Becca in amongst a sea of material scraps, cutting and pinning and then sewing..... (with her trusty assistants Anton and Arwen nearby enjoying all material and pins etc...)

"I hope she likes it" She said
"What are you making?" I asked
"It's not finished yet" was the firm reply, and I remembered since she was little many of her projects tanspire as she works rather than having a form plan from the start.

It got too late and mistakes and tears were happening, so we (eventually, with more than a little gentle persuassion) decided to call it quits for the evening.

Next morning she was at it again first thing, sewing turning, stuffing and then the fabric pens were out, and later that morning a triumphant young girl emerged with this gorgeous creation.......

and the other side...

"Do you think she'll like it Mama?"

"Wow Becca, I think she'll love it"

Isn't it gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
Oh she's a clever wee creator.

Then quite some time was spent on a picture for the wee girl .

Incidently we had never met this wee girl(only seen in the house when we returned their dog and  I've barely even spoken to the parents.

"Can we give it to her now?"

So off we went ,present delivering..... and yes the wee girl did love it (fortunately) although wasn't decidedly and understanably unsure about taking a present from someone she'd never met before, but when she opened the gift ,she dropped her doll that she was holding, picked it up and held it tight with a big smile ,(I ,just quitely,was very pleased and releived about this)

  Simply magic I say !!!!

She is certainly a very, very generous, giving and outwardly loving girl our Becca .....

This was a heart and soul filling act that I was so grateful to be witness to, and it's not the first time she's done this sort of thing ,it's just the sort of thing she does often giving and giving, although to date it's usually for people we know.

I had a thought that afternoon, and if you've ever seen the movie 'pay it forward' you'll know where I'm coming from with this....... imagine if everyone in the world could be inspired by  simple wee acts like this, that children just instinctive do all the time, and follow suit aiming to do one a week ,or even one a month, for complete strangers or even those we know and love, just one ..........

.....imagine how the world could change ....

I'm  inspired.....


  1. That is so awesome! Go Becca! I LOVE that movie too!

  2. That is so awesome! Go Becca! I LOVE that movie too!