Thursday, 27 September 2012

Becca's swimming lessons

Following my post on Arwen's swimming lesson, it was noted by the others that I hadn't written about their swimming lessons....

.....I did explain to them that it is somewhat more challenging to record their lessons, as I work while Becca and Kurt have their lessons and Anton... well I have tried a couple of times to take some photo's of him, but he spends more time under the water than he does above it, thus making the task very difficult, and what I have managed to get is quite out of focus because when he is above water its only to take a quick breath then he jumps back down. I have told him I'll work on it...

Having said that I was able to get some photo's of Becca at her lessons in the weekend, as I couldn't work because Rob was away hunting with Kurt.

It was lovely to be able to watch her , she's improved so much since I last saw her in a lesson..

Freestyle breathing drills

Listening to the instructor

Learning breaststroke kick

Just making sure I was still watching

and the little ones where keen observors at least for the first two minutes, and were ,mostly, really very good at waiting patiently for their sister .
I find that moments where kids are being 'good' and 'patient are always worth photographing !!

the 'boredom' did set in ,hence the far away look in their faces., but to their credit there was minimal whining, wineing or destruction of public property !!(this time)

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