Wednesday, 22 August 2012


King Winter sat in his hall one day,
    And he said to himself, said he,
"I must admit I've had some fun,
I've chiled the earth and cooled the sun,
    and not a flower or a tree
But wishes that my reign were done,
Ans as long as time and tide shall run,
I'll go on making everyone
As cold as cold can be."

There came a knock at the outer door:
   "Who's there?" King Winter cried;
"Open your palace gate," said Spring
For you can reign no more as King,
    Nor longer here abide;
This message from the sun I bring,
"The trees are green, the birds do sing;
The hills with joy are echoing:
    So pray,Sir - step outside !"

Hugh Chesterman.

 We can hear Spring knocking at King Winter's door...we can.. It's faint but it's getting louder everyday now....

We discovered more of springs emergence today.
While Kurt was at a violin lesson ,we explored a park in town and much to the children's delight ,in amongst all the mud in the park, we found  signs of spring everywhere...

The kids spent ages spotting all the sprouting acorns and various other fallen tree seeds, in the garden beds....

and the fresh spring flowers were suitably "ooh" ed and "ahhhhhh" ed over as the spring sun shone (ever so briefly) through the ever present clouds....

That's enough signs to make a winter weary me smile....... we left the park lighter and happy people....

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