Monday, 30 July 2012


Have you ever had those days where you are really blown away with what a wonderful life you have, and you are just so so so very lucky to spend everyday doing exactly what you love doing, with amazing people that you love more than you thought you could ever love..... I am of course grateful for every day I am gifted, and am grateful on a daily basis for what I spent my days doing, but sometimes those feeling are just exemplified over and over till it feels like you have just had your eyes opened to how great it really is... that I really do have an amazing family and such a grounded,sensitive loving and giving husband... well I've just had a run of days like this..... lucky me.. and for no particular reason that I can think of.... I haven't won lotto or acheived an olympic medal or even attained any person goal, the kids haven't been especially congenial, the weather hasn't even been that great, and my health has been lousy...... but maybe thats it, maybe to have the devine pleasure to see the wonderful in front of me ,amongst all the averageness, is what the buzz really is... who knows ,but I hope to hold onto it all for as long as this ride will last....

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  1. Beautiful post, cuz. It's a great feeling to be satisfied with one's lot, a feeling the is sometimes hard to find especially in such a consumerist society - we're constanty being told what to buy and do to be happier and more comfortable. Lucky you, indeed : )