Monday, 16 July 2012

First day of term

Well , officially it is the first day of the third term here in NZ. And I did stay up last night to do a bit of planning too. But despite waking up with best intentions , we decided to spend the morning changing rooms instead.
Before moving to Blenheim , and into our new house , our children have all shared one bedroom.
But this house we live in is huge , with five bedrooms , so it seemed a shame to not let them have a bit more space. Also one of the bedrooms was painted blue and the other pink , so it was an obvious choice to put the girls together in one and the boys in the other.
However lately , there's been a bit of trouble in the ranks , so we've decided to try some change in the dynamics.
So now the little ones are in one room and the older two in the other.

They were very excited about the change  (don't you love the way kids love change !!!  , there's something to learn from that I reckon)
So it was a busy morning shifting belongings and settling in with new 'roomy's'

Anton was especially excited to have his beloved little sister now sharing his bedroom , and I walked into his room to find him writing Arwen's name on the blackboard above her bed , for her.
It was the first time he had written her name , what a gorgeous welcome....

He even spelt it right ... back to front 'N' 's are a speciality of his !!

They celebrated with a book reading session on Arwen's  'new' bed.....  yes they fight , but moments like this remind me of just what good mates they really are.....


  1. oh beautiful! Love the soulemama bag on the end of the bed too!

  2. I think there's something special about sharing rooms - I never got to experience it growing up, but I think it has been really good for our boys.