Friday, 2 August 2013

Last night

We said we would go to the beach that afternoon, but the afternoon ticked on and 'school' went a bit late ,we got distracted reading books and then there were all the jobs that I 'had' to get through...... and before we knew it the sun was getting ready to set.... I was fustrated that another day was nearly over with many things I said we would do ,still not done (that seems to be a very common theme everyday here, a source of much frustration for me! You'd think that it would push me to get more organised... why has that not happened!!).... so I decided to leave the house in the pigsty of a state it was in and race to the beach to grab what light was left in the day.... there was no sun when we got there and it was cold! but it didn't seem to hinder the enjoyment, for them anyway, (why is it that they just don't feel the cold!).... returning to the house with no fire lit, no dinner sorted, tired kids and a massive mess was 'challenging', and although I had my doubts at the time , I look back now and think yeah it was probably worth it.......

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