Monday, 19 August 2013

A big birthday!

Big earthquake here on Friday afternoon 6.6 !!! and a number of 5's to follow, made that night and next day quite interesting, then a weekend of rain! lots of it! Wow nature really made it's presence known...
But earthquakes and weather aside.. we had a big birthday here on Thursday... really big...
 our eldest turned 10..... 10!!!

First the breakfast celebrations... which traditionally involves keeping the birthday person out of the living room while the birthday table is set out... .. then a special breakfast and present opening time!.....

Making the ,requested, birthday breakfast pancakes

Waiting patiently to come in.

Kurt had made a present for all of us, which was pretty cool of him

Some 3D designs he had constructed for us

Always an enthusiastic audience when it's present opening time

He got some pretty great presents, that he was pretty stoked with

to be cont........

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