Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Our beach, great for so much

We are so lucky to have this great beach on our doorstep!, we do so much play here, collect so many treasures and it's a great stage for so much creative play.... and it's rich with resources for our garden.... sometimes seaweed but more often it's for collecting diftwood for our garden edges, there is so so much of it along this coast line we have no problems taking a little to use at home, knowing it'll be quickly replaced with the next high sea or belt of bad weather.....

Chainsaw required for the really big pieces !

In contemplation of what to do first

Always lots of treasures to be found.

At one with the coast (or something like that)

Loving the beach!

Our little water boy!


Lots of running (always)

In need of a lift (thank goodness for older brothers)

Finding great pieces of wood, heavy though, especially when carried from way down the beach!, horay for having a strong Rob to do the carrying, while I do the 'all-important' documenting (of course)

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