Thursday, 11 April 2013

Looking back on an Autumn afternoon

Looking back on a sunny Autumn afternoon spent in the park while waiting for the two older kids to finish their drama class. It was just me,Rob and the little ones. Infact it was the day after Rob arrived back in the country from his overseas trip, and we were all still reveling in the novelty of having him home.  And Arwen was well ... and running and laughing and singing, something we have not had around here for a few weeks now. But she is now on the road to recovery !! We finally found out that it was Giardia that was the nasty that her wee body was trying to fight this whole time. It truly is a real nasty that bug, and I'll have to admit I have really struggled watching our little three year old listlessly lie on the couch all day, no reserve to do anything, watching her loose all that weight (and so quickly too) and not being able to help with the relentless vomiting and diarrhea.  But she's started a big dose of antibiotics and just yesterday I heard song from her, and some chatter too. She was back on the couch in the afternoon, but to have just snippets of our Arwen coming back is just gold.
And so it is with joy that I look back on this afternoon a few weeks ago and look forward to seeing her run around like this again really soon...

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