Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Rain !!!

Rain !!! Rain !! Rain !!
Oh glorious rain !!! It was a beautiful site to wake up to this morning.
It's been a while since we have seen any site of it... and it was a real novelty for the kids, the little ones especially spent quite some time at the window watching and discussing it...

The novelty of it all was wearing a bit thin after spending the afternoon in town for various classes and lessons, getting kids in and out of the car, shuffling groceries inside and then feeding chickens and milking goats late in the evening in it, but it was definately without a doubt 100% WORTH IT to see that glorious wet stuff falling from our sky.... I really hope it was enough to give our parched land some significant relief...

While the land hydration was what I was most grateful for the kids also loved the fact that they could snuggle inside with their lego and blocks for the morning.....

Building ramps for the 'chicken'

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