Sunday, 17 March 2013


We have a chicken, an orphan chicken. It's mother died and siblings failed to make an entrance to this world.
I'm not sure if we adopted him (or her) or if he adopted us..... but I'm thinking it was more the latter, he has made up his mind that we are who is has attached himself to and will have nothing else to do with the vast selection of other hens we have here.
As fun and novel as this situation is to the kids, it is somewhat fustrating for me, as I know that cute little fuzzy chicken's do not stay small and fuzzy, and that the novelty of having a small (make that extremely tiny) fuzzy creature follow you around all day with it's sweet little chirp will indeed wear off...... and that I also have no idea how to teach a chicken how to do 'hen like' things so that it can hopefully integrate one day........ Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Meet our chicken.......

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  1. He is RIDICULOUSLY cute. (Even to me, and I'm afraid of chickens..) I can definitely see your dilemma though - I guess all you can do is try?
    (Did you get my email with Mum's number etc?)