Tuesday, 22 January 2013

In the weekend

This weekend, I decided to do a sea swim challenge. The annual Rarangi (our local beach) to Whites bay (beautiful beach a few bays around) swim was being run by the Rarangi surf club and I decided to give it a go. I was lucky enough to be lent a wetsuit, which was pretty key to me actually deciding to do it, this south island sea water is freezing !!!!
It's just over 2kms distance, but I'm not sure what I actually swam after being re-directed onto course more than once by surf lifesavers patroling the race on boats!! Seriously not a great navigator when swimmming out at sea!! (mind you it probaly would have helped to listen to the instructions at the beginning!)
There was also an easterly blowing which made the sea a bit choppy, and also made me think again about doing it at all.
Anyway, I completed the challenge and despite feeling decidedly uncomfortable during the middle part of the race, I am pleased I did it.

And the kids had fun playing at the beach too....

Coming into the far more sheltered Whites Bay

Looking suitably tired

Managing a bit of a jog to the finish line

And even a smile

I got a spot prize too!

The kids had a blast on the beautiful hot day that it was...

Some chilling out too....

and into the water...

Yes he has pink togs on (I forgot his so he managed to squeeze into a pair of Arwen's)


The rinse shower is always just as much fun

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