Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas parade

A few days ago our small town of Blenheim had it's annual Christmas parade, it was the first one we had been to here and we got to be in it!!!

The older two kids had their final performance for their 'Twits' play , and they were so disapointed they missed out , but they did have a full house for their show, so that was some positive compensation.

But the younger ones, well actually ,mostly Anton as Arwen didn't really have a clue what was going on, it was very very exciting.
Rob is on the comittee for the Life Education Trust, which is an amazing organisation that helps kids all around the country. And so we got to walk in the parade infront of the Life Education mobile classroom (a very large truck) and pass out stickers to kids in the crowd.
Anton took a little while to warm up to the handing out stickers idea ,but once he did he was away!!!
As a double bonus we got to walk in the parade just behind the highland band, I LOVE the bagpipes...
It was a brilliant hot summery afternoon and there was quite a good turn out of spectators, so very exciting for Anton.... and I had stacks of fun too.

At the beginning, waiting for it to start

Getting the santa hat sorted

Still waiting

In the parade

Anton trying to decide who to give his next sticker too (it was serious business)

Soaking up the festive atmosphere

Checking it all out from the comfort of her buggy

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