Thursday, 8 November 2012

Day to day

I read the poiniant quotes that say 'live in the present' and 'be grateful for the now' and I think yes, I should do just that. But truth be known, in the rush and bustle of everyday life, well all the good intentions often fly out the window and I often find myself at the end of the day thinking "wow, what really went on today, it was busy, but busy with what?"

Occasionally I stop and look and find myself taking silent 'snapshots' of scenes in my mind.
Those quiet moments (definately worth remembering) and the quirky moments, the fly on the wall moments when they don't know your there,  the 'love' moments, and those 'nothing special' but somehow memorable snapshots of our life right now times, infact there are many silent snapshots I have taken over the weeks months and years, and I hope I've stored them all safely away so I can access them sometime in the future when (and I know the time will come) I come to miss the 'busy' times.

Sometimes I reach for my camera, and record those 'our life right now' moments so they are on file, as a backup .... because I have learnt over years that as important as those 'big' moments in life are, it's the little parts that I want to keep with me always....

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