Thursday, 18 October 2012

Fresh milk

Aside from having really really cute little kids (of the goat variety) running around in our paddock, we are also enjoying the fresh goats milk that spring births bring. It's so great to have fresh raw milk in glass containers in the fridge, especially after a winter of relying on the supermarket for it.
And I'm relishing the return of the morning ritual of goat milking.... with my team of ever interested onlookers (of course)....

Photo's all taken by Becca !

Arwen getting right in on the action

mmmmmmmmmm fresh milk !!

Our Becca spends many many happy hours out in this goat paddock getting to know the new babies, and after asking many times if she could use my camera to take photo's of them, I finally said 'OK' ....
She only managed a couple of shots before the memory card ran out of space, but I have said she can try again, so I expect to have hundreds and hundreds more images ,like this, of her beloved new babies before too long......

I don't actually know whose baby this is, but Becca knows them all so well now.

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  1. Becca's photo is wonderful - must be a natural like her Mum, huh? Those kids are too cute, I do wish we could bring the kids over for a visit.. maybe one day when we're rich : )