Tuesday, 24 July 2012

This wet Tuesday

Today a prominent New Zealnd childrens author died... she was such an effervesant woman who wrote the most fantastic childrens books, full of such amazing word play and brilliant imaginative plots. Our kids LOVE her stories. She will be sadly missed by all, but I am so so glad she wrote her stories down so we could all share in the joy of them.

“Reading is very creative - it's not just a passive thing. I write a story; it goes out into the world; somebody reads it and, by reading it, completes it.”_ Margaret Mahy.

 In rememberance of an amazing writer... we did "complete" many of her stories, we read at home all we had (we had a few), and then ventured to the local library.
We read many more there and then borrowed more to bring home and read here....
They are such fun fun stories.... Try reading bubble trouble.... it's a crazy story that challenges the tongue for sure.....

Seeing as it was wet and cold outside today, I managed to convince my two eldest that a little bit of maths might be fun... They remained unconvinced about the fun part, but had a go anyway..
Then Kurt wanted to have a go at a crossword.. so I ramaged through my resources and found a couple of child friendly ones , and he was totally into them .. in a big way... this has helped eleviate my 'how do I teach spelling' worries (at least in the short term)...

and Becca... well she was far more interested in having a go at more reading than doing maths.. Ipicked up a few 'learn to read' books at the library, and she was so excited sitting down with her siblings and 'reading' to them ... (assisted ,but 'reading' none  the less)......

...and Anton has really figured out the whole lego thing...... this afternoon he spent quite some time in his room, and came out with this amazing 'boat' thing..... it came with an extremely lengthy and complex description of all the components of the vessle and it's 'weapons' (what ever happened to our idea of a no weapons peace loving house ????)............

all in all a busy rainy afternoon...... full of discovery and creativity... the creative part was topped off this evening with Anton's 'alternative' use for my dishwashing gloves......



  1. So sorry to hear of the loss of such a great author.

    Seems like you had a great day of learning, crosswords are a great idea, and the dishwashing gloves...that is hilarious.

    Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Margaret Mahy was truly a great author, if you haven't already, have a read one of her books, she had an interesting imagination and a great sense of humor.
      The gloves were a bit of a laugh, he claimed he had 'duck feet'.

  2. The Young Family - Whangarei25 July 2012 at 19:56

    The kids and I are all enjoying reading your blog and seeing what you are all up to! Look how big all the kids are!!! And your photos are cool - you take awesome photos! Keep up the fab work -now we can keep tabs on you!xx